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Jan & Flash
Over the Road


Boondockers Welcome in Advance North Carolina

Leaving Oceans RV Resort and heading back to Colorado, with Boondockers Welcome stops along the way.

Visiting Kitty Hawk North Carolina

The Wright brothers, Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright, were American aviation pioneers generally credited with inventing, building, and powered flying the world’s first successful aircraft.

North Fork of the Laramie River

Open range here with plenty of stock to prove it, which proved pretty entertaining and the cattle meandered through the campsites. Nobody was complaining, not any one of the three or four other campers 😀 Talk about quiet, where is everybody. I thought the world was ending and…

March Through Texas

TexasMcKinney Falls State Park Back on the road as we head north in preperation for heading east. I found a cheap spot with water and electric for a couple nights. The water falls feature was the main attraction. The location, near Austin Texas was great, while Austin...

North Carolina Towards Texas

North CarolinaSouth CarolinaSouth CarolinaGeorgiaBrooklet GeorgiaWakula Crawfordville, FloridaFloridaMandeville, LouisianaVinton, LALeaving Surf City North Carolina was bitter sweet. Yes, excited to get on the road and continue our adventure, but we had met some great...

She Wanna Shipshewana

RV AC repair gone right, thanks to the the Shipshewana Amish; Glen Miller (not the band) and family, AKA National RV Refrigeration did in an hour what a RV mobile repair guy couldn’t do in 5…

Cookie Karen of Goshen

Not a Debbie Downer, but a cookie downer, or how the cookie Karen of Goshen put a damper on the party

What Was Canada Like, eh?

Canada eh? What was it like visiting us lower 48’rs northern neighbors? Our first Canadian night was at a golf course in Golden, aptly named “The Golden Golf Club”. The geography and flora of the area unmistakably let us …

Santa Rosa Fairgrounds & Into Oregon

Santa Rosa California and Eureka! Humboldt wasn’t as cool as my hippie friends made it out to be; they must have been high. Fort Bragg gives us a taste of our country’s northern coastline and into Oregon. Finally we get feeling we’ve into the meat of our adventure. Oh, the Oregon coast is everything we expected and more …

Blew A Tire on the 405 Freeway!

Whup Bam! I saw my tire disappearing in the rear view mirror as the truck and trailer suddenly shudder violently. Being in rush hour traffic on LA’s 405 freeway, on the Mulholland grade, coming up to the 101 interchange almost drove me to panic. One hears bout China Bombs; tires made in China that have a reputation of exploding unannounced. Our tires were made in China, but didn’t explode, rather the tread separated and in that process, took out the fender, siding and marker light on the right side of the Fog Wagon. But that was just part of the adventure. Wait until you see the rest of the story …

What When Where

Jan – Retired Medical Massage Therapist. Now full time RV’r.

“Woman can not discover new oceans unless she has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

Flash – Semi Retired Internet God and full time RV’r.

“Taking photos as a return ticket to moment otherwise gone.”


Molly the Dog – Retired old lady and best friend of not only Jan & Flash, but of many whos paths she’s crossed.

“Oh The Places You’ll Go”
  -Dr. Sues


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