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Cookie Karen

The Grand Design National Rally was wrapping up its week long event and on the final night attendees were provided catered BBQ picnic style on the lawn. It’s a big lawn that could provide for all 1200 participants. was once again the caterer and like before was doing a great job, until it came time for desert. This was where the cookie Karen would rear her ugly head. OK, she was actually pretty damn cute, but when I see the peeps in front of me getting two cookies apiece and she hands me one; well, I was a little taken aback. I know I’m not the best looking guy, but I didn’t think I was so ugly I would only deserve one cookie.

My mom taught me that you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar, so putting on my best pleading smile I asked if I could have a second for my wife, who was in a wheel chair. OK, my wife in not in a wheel chair and maybe she saw through that ruse. What she did was shame me for holding up the line.

Not to be dissuaded from bringing home the goods – I mean Jan Baby (the wife) deserved a cookie and was waiting back at our table for her valiant husband to return with a cookie for her too, I got in the line furthest from cookie Karen. At this point I’m watching like a hawk, and seeing everybody getting two cookies. I get two cookies! OK, now I ask if I could get another two for my wife. If you know my wife then you know she deserves to have two cookies delivered to her. At our table she was doing important work being the ying to my yang; plying her consummate social skills in conversation with the new friends we’ve met at the rally.

If you’ve never been to a Grand Design rally, then you must go. In fact, it is so rewarding to where if you’re not a RV’r then you should buy a rig just for the opportunity to attend. Make sure it’s a Grand Design rig 🙂 I digress…

Time to get your jam on! The event organizers contracted with Rock Dogs; a four veteran musician band who have 20+ years of experience playing the Michiana, NW Indiana and Chicago markets. Simply put, they rock!.

Yes, I got those two extra cookies and Jan Baby got her well deserved dessert.

Cookies are an important nutritional component of a healthy meal. They are delicious, and they go down wonderfully with a cup of tea or coffee! What Are Cookies And Biscuits Good For?

  • Good source of carbohydrates
  • Easy snacks that can be eaten on-the-go
  • Provide quick energy boosts
  • Comfort food
  • Very tasty!
  • Cookies will fill you up

Now it was time to re-locate near the concert stage, somewhere near the front so I can jump up and dance with the other party animals that may be in the crowd.

And now for the truly sad part of the story. Passing the cookie tables on our way to the stage we saw cookies remaining, even cookies discarded on the ground. Next rally, I’m bringing my own cookies. And if you every have cater your event, hope that the cookie Karen of Goshen has been promoted off the cookie service.