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San Diego Joy

May 16, 2022, San Diego, CA
This town is rife with family and friends for the Alexander trio.


Mission Bay RV Park

They call it a “resort”, but seriously folks, it is a park, as in parking lot. Any resemblance to a resort is cheesy at best, though you can walk (too far!) or ride your bike to Campland; now there is a real resort – for the rich and famous. Us poor people commiserate at Mission Bay RV Park.

Runners, like us (ahem) will love the beach path. You can run or bike for miles. The city beach park right next door always had something going on. You too can bring a pinata, beer and of course friends/family 🙂

Won’t get me wrong. We loved staying in this park. Friendly folks, expensive ice and we could let Molly VSOD run wild on the bay. Well, walk slowly along the bay shore. Check out this VW Bus that was a few camp sites away.

We Loved It!

Family and Friends

San Diego is home to a big chunk of Jan’s family and Flash Buddy’s best friend Dave Buddy.

Pictured right is Dave’s wife Robin with a bottle of Skelly tequila. ➥

Below are Flash and Dave – The Fog Brothers. ⬇

Ever hear of House Concerts? Dave Buddy introduced Flash to House Concerts, where a home owner invites talent to play then invites friends over to enjoy the show.

Somewhere in the hills of San Diego – We saw and listened to Jimmy Hendrix!

My brothers; Rich and Rob, plus Rich’s family live in San Diego. This trip we were able to visit with our niece Michele with her Husband Tony, and boys Ty, Britt, and Colt.

We enjoyed Ty’s baseball game (go White Sox!) where his dad Tony coached the team to a win. That whole family are all in when it comes to sports. The younger siblings Britt and Colt are athletes too and Tony is involved in coaching them as well. Michele is wonder Mom keeping it all humming along; chauffeuring the boys, cracking the home schooling whip and building a beautiful family. Yea Team!

Family Shenanigans – A Collage by Jan Baby

 Cardiff Crack

If your from the San Diego area, you know what I’m talking about. Since most of our readers are from elsewhere I’ll tell you this “crack” is the most tender, most amazing seasoned trip tip you will ever come across. Google it if you don’t believe me.


Our son Zac just took a new job in Santa Clarita. Together with his girlfriend Alisha, they are now living large in California. We were able to meetup with them and Alisha’s family for a So Cal pool party.

Zac and Alisha in her family’s pool – Poway California