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North Fork of the Laramie River

Open range here with plenty of stock to prove it, which proved pretty entertaining and the cattle meandered through the campsites. Nobody was complaining, not any one of the three or four other campers šŸ˜€ Talk about quiet, where is everybody. I thought the world was ending and nobody gave me a heads up. Anywhoo, this was a great spot to stage our trip up the road to Medicine Bowl for some car sight seeing and hiking at Lewis Lake, South Gap Lake, and Snowy Mountain Trail; four mile round trip with some excellent photo opportunities. :: Great views all around, some modest inclines and boulders. Best of all, no bugs and just a few other folks this first week of October. Oh, the altitude will get your attention and I don’t care who you are. If your over 70 (ahem) you will want to start out slow and easy. We camped at North Fork Campground in a Fifth Wheel.