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Amish Country

RV Air Conditioner Properly Installed

Shipshewana Indiana

National RV Refrigeration

RV AC repair gone right, thanks to the the Shipshewana Amish; Glen Miller (not the band) and family, AKA National RV Refrigeration did in an hour what a RV mobile repair guy couldn’t do in five hours! Oh, and that five hours cost me $450.00 American. More on that later.

The debacle of the non functioning, brand new, Dometic Penguine II air conditioner dates back to a month before we started our journey. Knowing we would be in Arizona heat in the summer was all the impetus I, Flash Buddy, needed to to order and install a second AC on the our rig, Fog Wagon. It took two tries, the first AC not being “low profile” and my freaking out how I might clip a low bridge if it weren’t. Of course I had no idea a non profile was a bad choice until I got is up on the roof and saw it sticking up at an alarming height. OK, we got it from direct from Dometic so sending it back for a full refund was no problem, and the return shipping only cost, (cough cough) $180.00 – Ouch!
When the new, low profile arrived, it was a simple process to get it up onto the roof. I used the ladder method, where I had my neighbor Chris push it up a ladder that I had leaned against the Fog Wagon, while I pulled  it up by a rope I had tied around it. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. I thought wiring it up would be a cinch, but to my dismay I couldn’t get ‘er to kick off. With about ten days left before we pulled up anchor I began to panic a little.

When all else fails, call the Mobile RV Tech, which I did and that guy came out to the house straight away. About five hours later, and having been on the phone with the AC’s manufacturer, my tech told me my main board was fried and Dometic would ship a new one, no charge under warranty. Long story short, that didn’t happen and off we go on our year long adventure. 

Let me tell you something, 109 degrees in Arizona with only one AC workings it’s ass compressor off was no picnic. We had Reflectix in every window. We sealed off the bedroom and bathroom. The inside temperature climbed to 98 degrees f, but that was better than 109 degrees f.

The Palms RV Park in Yuma AZ had it all, swimming pool, jacuzzi, pickle ball, crafting room; you name it. I was worried I wouldn’t get a site at such a popular park. I kept calling the reservations gal to confirm they had us booked in, which she always said she did. We get there, setup in our site (full hookups), stand back and take a picture.

The Lonely Camper