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Blue Spruce RV Park

Winslow Arizona

Take it Easy RV Park

Lake Havasu City

State Beach Campground

Yuma AZ

The Palms RV Resort

Taos NM

Day trip :: Taos High Road

with a stop at Sanctuario de Chimay0

 Traveling the High Road

From Questa though Taos and More

We took the “High Road” to Santuario de Chimayo. We traveled from Grants, through Taos, stopping at Santuario de Chimayo; a legendary center for healing the sick. We enjoyed Truchas, a former Spanish outpost high on a mesa beneath 13,102 foot Truchas peak. The views of the Rio Grande valley are inspiring and on a hot day daunting. We were giddy to be where the movie “The Milagro Beanfield War” was filmed, though we didn’t meet any of the cast, crew or most notably the director Robert Redford ūüôĀ¬†¬†

Little Arsenic & Big Arsenic

Exploring the “Wild Rivers” dispersed camping at both Little Arsenic Springs and Big Arsenic Springs. It has good sites that would fit a 34′ foot rig. There were a few sites open. This is a well maintained free camp area close to Questa NM. Continuing along the Rio Grande we were surprised by a group of big horn sheep.

Winslow Arizona

Get Your Kicks…

Movin' Quickly

May 22, 2022

We moved fast through this portion of our grand adventure. ūüėÄ

Our spring seems to be blowing by, and by blowing I mean wind! On the one hand, wind gives us something to do by putting dust and dirt in every nook and cranny of the Fog Wagon. Jan Baby and I love dusting off Molly, dusting off counter tops, dusting off the BBQ…

Winslow Arizona

Found the Corner!

Noting beats standing on a corner with a flat bed Ford at the curb.

Flat Bed Ford

We found there are actually two identical flat bed Ford’s in town.

Painted Desert

Super close jaunt out of Winslow

Lake Havasu City

Meeting of the
Goat Heads

Glen Wilson on his Hog

May 12th Thursday
by Jan Alexander

We made our way to Lake Havasu City. Seeing the crystal blue lake made for a welcoming change from our travels through New Mexico and most of Arizona. Pictured here is my brother Glen Wilson, who along with his energetic wife  Susie and four legged friend Buddy have lived in Havasu for the past twenty plus years.

The Goat Heads are a motorcycle club created by my brother Glen. They are so prestigious that even Flash isn’t allowed to ride with them. Besides, his skinnly legs couldn’t kick over any of Glen’s other motor cycles.

Lake Havasu City State Park Campground

Compared to our camp sites thus far, this campground provided S P A C I O U S sites. One could fit three or four rigs in one space. Almost all sites have a view of the lake and are walking distance if not a stones throw from the water’s edge.

Also included were:

  • Boat Ramp
  • Beach Trail
  • Bike Path
  • Cactus Garden

¬†After biking across the London Bridge, a “tourist attraction”, we left Lake Havasu City. Next destination; Yuma Arizona.

Lake Havasu State Beach Campground Scenic

Campground Overview

Campground Cactus Blossoms

London Bridge

Bike Trip from the campground and we found Minions!

Seriously - Yuma?!

I’ve been to Yuma over a dozen times and I always asky why? Why would anybody live in Yuma. I’m there because Jan Baby’s family is there.

The Palms RV Park

Over the phone The Palms RV Park were pretty non chalant about reservations. I got the idea pretty quickly that they had a lot of openings. Considering the day time temperature on our first¬† day was 104¬į, 106¬į the second day and 109¬į the third day!

The How – But Not Why

First it was Rich Wilson who found himself in Yuma. He in turn convinces Rob Wilson to “come on down!”. Next thing you know Terry and his wife Susan Wilson are living in Yuma. “What the heck”; says Jan’s Mom Marie.¬† Marie Wilson moves to Yuma.

Time marches on and today the remaining Wilson in Yuma is soon to be 98 year old Marie Wilson! Hang in there Marie. Rich and Rob fled to San Diego while Terry went to Phoenix.

Visiting Family

Robin Wilson stills lives in Yuma. Why Robin, just why? OK, she has a great job, friends and family AND Jan and Flash are sure to stop by.¬† Marie became animated when we visited. She expecially loved singing songs; “I Left My Heart In San Francisco” was her favorite. She requested chocolate donuts. Really, anything with chocolate she would love to eat. Marie has a great sense of humor and is doing quite well.

We stayed at The Palms RV Resort and jumped straight into the pool – thank you Jesus! Swimming a few laps and horsing around in its cool water was a much needed reprieve from the heat.

Snow Birds are what drives the RV Park industry as well as many of the local business these people frequent. At The Palms RV Resort many purchase lots, either park their rig on the lot or build a small yet stylish Yuma themed winter home. I think Jan and I were two of no more than six people living in the resort at the time of our visit.

What’s Next for the Traveling Threesome?

San Diego Here We Come …